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標題: Mui's memorial events [打印本頁]

作者: Sharon    時間: 2009-4-18 19:53     標題: Mui's memorial events

umm.. sorry for my english typing because I cannot type chinese on wesites recently.....

Actually seeing mui fans so united, I am very happy!
And I am sure that all of you would like to hold some wonderful memorial events for mui!
So I suggest that we might start discussing a main and lasting theme here.
(umm....just like leslie cheung's Red Mission, they got a very nice aim and slogan)

I seriously think that we should set up a main theme for mui's memorial events,
and keep organizing events every year.
AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, these events should not be restricted to mui fan participants.
we should organize free events fo the public.
Let all of us have the chance to pay our tribute to our beloved mui!

作者: shermain    時間: 2009-4-19 00:45

i'm totally agree with what you've said...
i'll give my fully support if you guys need help...
作者: shujuan    時間: 2009-4-19 01:23

agree agree...
united is the most important thing..
作者: minsera    時間: 2009-4-19 01:32

i am most willing to give my support in whichever ways that i could...
gosh i missed her!!
作者: Sharon    時間: 2009-4-19 14:18

I have thought of a name for the events
this year should be

FM 609
FM is forever mui
6 is 6 years since 2003
and 09 is this year

so next year can be FM 710
also FM is like a radio channel
which spreads message to the public
and we mui fans can serve as a mui radio
keep on spreading mui's spirit to everyone

What do you guys think?
作者: minsera    時間: 2009-4-19 16:09

hmmm... the name and meaning is there.... but then again it does not seems to directly link to Anita.

Like Leslie's Cheung's Red Mission, Red is 1 of his infamous song, so the title seems to tie back....
作者: 絕代豬仔    時間: 2009-4-23 13:16

How about *Mui Mission or Mui Zone*
作者: shujuan    時間: 2009-4-23 13:34

but who will to organize it?
作者: shermain    時間: 2009-4-25 14:30

if we use Mui Mission, others might think that we copy their idea...
maybe we can use a chinese name as 芳華絕代,i think this suits Anita and the last two words can be defined as unique and forever too.
作者: angel    時間: 2010-2-4 13:08

thank you very much !

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